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Equine founder is a very serious condition that affects the feet of horses. This condition is due to the complications and damaged tissue of the foot after one or more attacks of laminitis. If this is not treated properly, founder can cause serious and permanent damage to your horse. If you believe that your horse has laminitis or founder you should instantly start treatment before it worsens. The information below will help you to better understand equine founder and how to treat it.

Causes Of Laminitis

Laminitis is caused by several factors but the most common ones are: eating too much grain at one time, lush pasture especially spring grass, drinking large amounts of cold water when overheated, overweight horses, too much work on a hard surface and stress. Laminitis will cause the feet to become very painful and he may spend a lot of time laying down. Most of the time laminitis will only affect the front feet, but it is not uncommon for the hind feet to be sore as well. If laminitis is not immediately treated, equine founder will soon follow.


What Is Laminits And Founder?

Laminits is an infection of the laminae which is the tissue that connects the coffin bone to the hoof wall. As the layers of the laminae start separating, they cause extreme pain in the sensitive tissues underneath the hoof wall. Equine founder then occurs as the laminae die and this causes the coffin bone to become unattached to the hoof. The arteries and veins will also become damaged and it will crush the remaining tissues around the coffin bone. In severe cases of founder the coffin bone will rotate downwards and go through the sole of the hoof to the ground.

Equine Founder Treatment

It is important to start treating equine founder as soon as possible before it causes severe damage to your horse and since this is a very painful condition, it will be very stressful for him. At the first signs of laminitis or founder you should contact your veterinarian immediately. He or she may want to administer fluids, antibiotics or painkillers and give you advice on what to do as treatment options will vary depending on the severity of the case. Shoeing your horse with heart bars is a very effective method to cure equine founder, so you should also contact a farrier that has experience with shoeing foundered horses.

Laminitis and equine founder will not get better on its own so that is why it is so important to seek treatment as soon as possible. By immediately getting help for your horse, he has a better chance of making a full recovery.

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